Brenda Knapp-Lacasse

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Brenda Knapp-Lacasse is the daughter of Clarence and Rita Knapp of Comber. She comes from an auctioneering family and brings an abundance of experience to the auction business having worked for her father for over 25 years. Both of her brothers are auctioneers as well.

Jean Marc Lacasse

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Jean Marc Lacasse took a slightly different route to the Auction House. He is the son of Hector and Rose Lacasse of Tecumseh. He started refinishing and selling antiques as a hobby in 1974 being a full-time off-set pressman at his fathers print shop. In 1986 he opened a small antique shop in Tecumseh now located in Kingsville and turned a hobby into a full-time job.rnrnAttending an auction in search of antiques Jean Marc met his future wife Brenda and worked for her brother at his auctions for years before graduating from Auction school in 1996.

Clarence Knapp

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Clarence has been an auctioneer for almost 50 years with both his sons and his daughter following him into the trade. He for over 25 years ran the Comber Sales Yard with the aid of his children. Along with his sales at the Yard he ran sometimes in excess of 4 farm sales a week! Talk about a motor-mouth!



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